The Challenge

In the Health and Supplements vertical policy changes and updates have historically had an enormous impact on PPC results. These updates can cause a channel that was once a PPC profit center to become discontinued, severely impacting a businesses’ bottom line.

For years, AdWords remarketing campaigns represented some of the top performing areas for Neuropathy. In fact, at one time AdWords remarketing campaigns accounted for 24% of total conversion volume. When Google suddenly enforced a new policy update that prevented us from continuing to use the once lucrative channel we needed to act quickly or risk losing a significant source of conversion volume.

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Expand into new markets. With some teamwork, strategic planning and a client that was willing to test new channels, we were able to not only survive a 24% loss of conversion volume but hatch a plan to diversify the account ensuring long-term success was no longer dependent on one platform or channel.

  1. Initially leveraged the robust custom audience targeting capabilities of Facebook. This strategy resulted in immediate success with a CPA half of what we saw with Google. However, this was short lived. Within time, Facebook started to enforce stricter policies and eventually these ads were disapproved as well.
  2. This setback only fueled further partner evaluation and activations. The next phase included leveraging AdRoll as a retargeting partner who as a Facebook API partner was able to continue to leverage our 1st party data for retargeting on the platform.
  3. Added Yahoo Gemini Native Ads to the media mix which delivered a new audience that over-indexed against the target demographic (50+) in addition opened the door to an entirely new ad format.
  4. Maximized budgets with Bing that had previously been capped.
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