Latin America For Less

The Challenge

Cost of Leads Were Steadily Rising

Prior to partnering with Hanapin, Latin America For Less noticed the cost of generating new perspective traveler leads increasing. Realizing they had limited exposure and opportunities with Google Adwords as their primary focus, but no strategy in place for a solution, they turned to Hanapin Marketing for help.


The Results

  • Latin America For Less
  • Latin America For Less
  • Latin America For Less



Taking a holistic perspective of the Latin America For Less account from both a 10,000 ft. view and a microscopal view revealed several insights, which guided our strategies and ultimately significantly improved performance.

  1. The vast majority of those traveling to Latin America do so because they are looking for a unique, adventure travel experience. Through the execution of our internal creative testing cycle, messaging was revamped, and experience-based copy flourished.
  2. Instituted a rigorous bid management schedule and split keywords into unique ad groups based on themes and keyword match types.
  3. Expanded our focus to further develop Bing, which was a severely underutilized platform. Reaching Bing’s exclusive audience offered Latin America For Less the opportunity to significantly increase their reach within the travel vertical.


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