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Hanapin Marketing provides you with a great opportunity to have a rewarding career in an environment where the company you work for and the team that you work with, embraces our vision and values. The opportunity to work at Hanapin is an opportunity to be a part of a culture where goals are set and achieved, where we all do what we say we're going to do, and where we hold each other to the highest ethical standards. Hanapin is a team that is inspired by each other’s personality and imagination, where we foster an empowering workplace by rooting for each other and celebrating our successes and where we all believe we can overcome any hurdle because of our limitless attitude and adaptable behavior.

Check out our vision and values below. If you can see yourself embracing these as your own and achieving your own goals as a part of our team check out our Open Positions and take the first step in joining the best team in PPC!


Hanapin's Vision


  1. To build a world-class PPC agency

  2. To deliver value that is 10 times what we charge our clients

  3. To be an employer of choice in Indiana

Hanapin's Values

Reliability – we do what we say we're going to do

Integrity – we are accountable for our actions and take pride in the trust we earn and keep

Creativity – we inspire you to use your imagination and personality

HANA-THUSIASM – we foster an empowering workplace by rooting for others and celebrating successes

Resourcefulness – we overcome any hurdle with limitless attitude and adaptable behavior 


Our Award Winning Work Environment


At Hanapin our team takes pride in having a work environment that has a healthy balance of hard work and fun! Our open office floor plan encourages conversation, interaction and collaboration. Everyone at Hanapin plays a role in helping us achieve our vision and goals, and each of us takes pride in the way we live our values at work and in our everyday lives. We support one another in our efforts to succeed and applaud successes (literally, and out loud). Our office is filled with sweet treats, [some] healthy snacks, good music, and a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Kayla Kurtz

There are few things more exciting than the flexibility that's available at Hanapin to truly grow the skills I'm passionate about in regards to Internet marketing, outside of direct account management.

Kayla Kurtz, Associate Director of Sales

Jeff Allen

The vision, goals & values of Hanapin combined with their reputation made it easy to pick up my family and move across the country to start this job; our growth and resolve since that day makes it easy to stay.

Jeff Allen, President

Kristine Hyman

After spending my career working for large corporations, I have found what I was searching for at Hanapin Marketing. I like knowing the things I do every day effect the bottom line of the company.

Kristine Hyman, Senior Client Services Manager 


Megan Stout

Hanapin is the perfect mix of quirky & driven. We play music all day, shout hello to each other every morning, and leave on Friday knowing we did good, hard work to be proud of.

Megan Stout, Associate Director of Art


Tom Hootman

Having direct input in the foundations of the client service and sales process is something that truly separates Hanapin from the rest. Having worked in large corporations prior to this, I wouldn't trade the direct influence and personal responsibility for anything!

Tom Hootman, VP, Revenue

Carrie Albright

I was attracted to Hanapin for its reputation of being a cutting-edge paid search agency that loves and supports its team. The focus on learning and improving keeps Hanapin at the top! The Hanapin team is a wonderfully diverse group of people that comes together to support each other and the goals we share as a company.

Carrie Albright, Associate Director of Services


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