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Hanapin Adwords Certification


100% Certified Account Managers


Every one of our Account Managers is certified in AdWords Fundamentals, AdWords Search Advanced, Google Display, Google Reporting and Analysis, Google Analytics, and Microsoft AdCenter within the first six months of their employment with us -- and all before they ever work on an account. This means that your account will be in the hands of one of the few companies in the entire industry that have all of these certifications for their entire staff.


New Employee Training


Newly hired Services team members participate in a ten-week training program that ensures they understand the ins and outs of PPC and will give each account the attention and care that it deserves. Each week brings daily hour-long fundamentals training, weekly assigned readings, and experiential case studies.

For those hired outside of the Services Department at Hanapin, we offer PPC product training to ensure team members have a solid understanding of PPC. We also offer ongoing role specific training within each department to help facilitate growth throughout the company.


Ongoing Services Training


To continue to lead the industry in PPC Management, the Services team spends the third Wednesday of every month in training. This training day, referred to as REDBOP, is dedicated solely to learning more, and keeping current by updating our existing knowledge about PPC. These employee-led sessions allow us to keep pace with the rapid-fire changes that search engines make. 

Here are some other ways we continue to learn and keep up with the industry:

  • Read industry blogs on a regular basis.
  • Become eligible to write about new developments on PPC Hero.
  • Attend industry conferences and seminars.
  • Register for relevant online webinars.
  • Share knowledge and expertise with each other on a daily basis.
  • Account and website audits from your peers.




Our Services Department receives 150 hours of initial training in their first year, then 100+ hours in each subsequent year. These training hours alone easily place Hanapin in the top 1% of all companies in the world. This ensures that your account will be in good hands with our highly trained PPC experts.

We truly believe in helping our employees learn and grown in the industry with continued education throughout their tenure. With our hands-on style-training program, we're able to train someone with zero skills and transform them into world-class account managers! We're confident that when a new team member 100% commits to learning and following Hanapin's best practices that joining Hanapin can lead to a very successful and rewarding career decision! 

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